Sex Tasks Designer = Revolution in sex game for adults

Own sex tasks

Finally we can say, that you can enjoy all your sexual fantasies. Because now you can not only play more than 3 000 prepared tasks in SexTasks game but create your own tasks. We added this feature into the new version of the game.

The Sex Tasks Designer offers an easy way to put your fantasies into the game. Describe what the other player, couple or group must do to finish the task, add an extra tip, upload a photo (which describe the task), choose the main player gender, number of players and time limit ;-)

We have prepared default pictures for each task level and sublevel.


Why we add own tasks feature?

  1. You can add your sexual fantasies.

  2. To create the biggest sex tasks database in the world.

  3. To get all the ideas from all the countries around the world.

  4. To do not limit you only with our ideas.

  5. To let you plan the whole evening

We are looking forward to get the best ideas and to share them for other players. Let's start together the revolution of adult entertainment.